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Through the National Training Agency, employed Bahamians from the public and private sectors now have access to a new Housekeeping Attendants, Janitorial and Custodial Staff Training program through our City & Guilds Approved Centre at a nominal cost. This training program leads to certification that is recognized worldwide. At City & Guilds Bahamas, we have a highly qualified team who is excited and proud to train learners who will return to inspire, improve, achieve and re-establish trust within their teams and organizations.

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Benefits for the Employer 

  • Skills and qualifications employers require

  • Identify employee's training needs

  • Recognize staff achievement

  • Develop and retain a skilled workforce

  • Enable company to provide better service to customers

  • Improve company performance and profitability

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Benefits for the Employee

  • Learn core skills

  • Put these skills into practice in your workplace

  • Improve performance and productivity

  • Get an internationally recognized qualification

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