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Meet Our Team Members

People focused, Results driven, Improved workforce!

Agatha Marcelle, NTA Executive Chairman

       Agatha Marcell                   Executive Chairman

Stanya Davis, NTA Registration, Assessment and Guidance Manager

                    Stanya Davis                              Registration, Assessment & 
  Guidance Manager

Pamela Gomez, ILM Bahamas Centre Coordinator

                 Pamela Gomez                                  ILM Bahamas Centre                                         Coordinator

Kenneth Miller, NTA Manager, Grand Bahama

                 Kenneth Miller                                             Manager
                     Grand Bahama

Vernal Adderley, NTA Accountant

                Vernal Adderley                                          Accountant            

Terry Murray, NTA Executive Director

           Terry Murray                      Executive Director

Nikia Laing, NTA Human Resources, Executive Administrator

                       Nikia Laing                               Human Resources, Executive     

Christabel Saunders, NTA Office Manager and Training Coordinator, Exuma

            Christabel Saunders                             Office Manager and
   Training Coordinator, Exuma

Tai Rolle, NTA Board Secretary, Administrative Coordinator

                         Tai Rolle                                                Board Secretary    
Administrative Coordinator

Carlton Rolle, NTA Supervisor, Events & Facilities

                    Carlton Rolle                             Supervisor, Events & Facilities  

Jaydian J. Miller, NTA Business Development Manager

                  Jaydian J. Miller                          Business Development Manager

Herman Kemp, NTA Events & Facilities Manager

                    Herman Kemp                              Events & Facilities Manager

Antoine Cunningham, NTA Audiovisual/Media Manager

            Antoine Cunningham                    Audiovisual/Media Manager

Qutelle-Sasso, City & Guilds Bahamas Centre Manager

                   Qutelle Sasso                              City & Guilds Bahamas Centre

Robyn Rahming, ILM Centre Bahamas Training Administrator

                Robyn Rahming                            ILM Centre Bahamas Training                                 Administrator 

Medgar Symonette, NTA Accounts Clerk

            Medgar Symonette                                     Accounts Clerk 

Gail Hepburn, NTA Clerk/Monitor in the Registration Department

                    Gail Hepburn                          Clerk/Monitor in the Registration 

Sherika Thompson-Rolle, NTA Receptionist/Clerk in Administration, Exuma

       Sherika Thompson-Rolle                        Receptionist/Clerk in
     Administration, Exuma  

Aubrey Major, NTA Property Control Officer in Events & Facilities

                  Aubrey Major                                  Property Control Officer
  in Events & Facilities  

Christopher Johnson, NTA Security Officer in Events & Facilities

           Christopher Johnson                                Security Officer 
                  in Events & Facilities

Lamara Wilchcombe, NTA Receptionist in Registration

             Lamara Wilchombe                       Receptionist in Registration

Darriel Higgs, NTA Administrative Assistant in Administration, Grand Bahama

                    Darriel Higgs                                Administrative Assistant in
  Administration, Grand Bahama 

Tanya Bodie, NTA Registration Clerk/Monitor

                      Tanya Bodie                              Registration Clerk/Monitor

Donny Ferguson, NTA Property Control Officer in Events & Facilities

                 Donny Ferguson                             Property Control Officer
    in Events & Facilities  

Kate Duncombe, NTA Housekeeping Attendant in Events & Facilities

                  Kate Duncombe                             Housekeeping Attendant 
   in Events & Facilities  

Rashawnna McKenzie, NTA Registration, Data Coordinator

            Rashawnna McKenzie                Registration, Data Coordinator

Joan Knowles, NTA Senior Sales Associate in Events & Facilities

                    Joan Knowles                                Senior Sales Associate in
    Events & Facilities 

Yvette Rodgers, NTA Receptionist in Events & Facilities

                 Yvette Rodgers                         Receptionist in Events & Facilities

Kenya Dorsett, NTA Housekeeping Attendant in Events & Facilities

                   Kenya Dorsett                              Housekeeping Attendant 
    in Events & Facilities  

Lincoln Adderley, NTA Housekeeping Attendant in Events & Facilities

                 Lincoln Adderley                            Housekeeping Attendant 
     in Events & Facilities  

Nickeva Eve-Benjamin, NTA Assistant Manager, Job Placement/Trainee Support

         Nickeva Eve-Benjamin              Assistant Manager   
Job Placement/Trainee Support 

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